Mozilla Firefox 3

Next-generation internet browser from Mozilla with a customizable interface


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  • Category Web browsers
  • Program license Free
  • Version 3.6.28
  • Size 8.62 MB
  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox 3 is one of the earliest editions of the popular web browser. While it lacks some of the features of the newest editions, it works well on computers running older operating systems.

Before you download and install this web browser, keep in mind that it won't perform many of the functions you use on a daily basis. It lacks the security features that keep you from visiting dangerous sites or adding items to your download list that might contain viruses. Unless you have an older computer that cannot support the latest version of Firefox, there are better options available.

Mozilla Firefox 3, also known as simply Firefox 3, is a web browser that acts faster than the previous edition did. It comes with a download manager that helps you keep better track of your downloads. Not only does it let you download multiple programs, videos and other files at the same time, but it also keeps track of each one. You can click the icon on the upper right side of the screen to view all content you recently downloaded and all pending downloads too.

Another helpful feature is its password manager. Instead of keeping a written or typed record of all your account passwords, Firefox will remember all those passwords for you. When you visit that site again, it will instantly add in your password to help you access the site faster. You also have the option of manually selecting which passwords you want the browser to remember. There is also a crash reporter that gives you instant details after the page crashes. Unlike the newer version though, it usually will not remember any open tabs or sites you had in the browser after it crashes.

As Firefox 3 is so old, many of the plug-ins and extensions that you use every day will not work with this browser. It also does not work very well with Flash. If you attempt to watch a Flash video or play a game that uses Flash, it will have some glitches. There is also a risk that a single Flash video or game might crash the entire browser because it cannot support that feature. Firefox 3 is a basic web browser that performs adequately on older computers, but it cannot compete with newer versions of Firefox.


  • Comes with a password manager that keeps track of your passwords
  • Can view details about downloads with its download manager
  • Acts faster than Firefox 2
  • Takes up less hard drive space than Firefox 2
  • Lets you open multiple tabs for viewing several pages at once


  • Does not work with many modern plug-ins and extensions
  • May crash frequently when you open more tabs
  • Usually will not let you restore tabs after crashing
  • Lacks adequate support for Flash products
  • Missing many of the features found on newer versions of Firefox
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